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Welcome to ALIVE @ FIVE !!! This is a collective discussion and event group led by Bear and organized by all participants. Meetings are held Saturday’s at 5:00 p.m. Frequency of meetings will be determined by demand and interest. The purpose of the group is to interact with others in an active intellectual and progressive manner. The group is for motivated English speakers who want to experience different aspects of social and intellectual communication. Above all, we want everyone to have fun!!! This is not a listening group. Verbal communication is a requirement of your attendance and you are required to provide two VOLUNTARY worthy contributions per class, worthiness is determined by the moderator and failure to fulfill your requirement will result in your exclusion from the class. If you simply choose to listen, then simply choose another class, we choose not to accommodate you.

The classroom will consist of a Q & A format. If participants want to discuss a single topic for the duration of the class, please mention the topic you want discussed and the moderator will prepare a related lesson plan for discussion, pending agreement of the subject matter with 75% consensus of the participants. A few house rules---TURN OFF cell phones or put them in vibration mode---leave your shoes at the tiled entry---shoes do not belong on the wood flooring---do not sit on the “arm” of the orange couch---please keep the kitchen stools in the kitchen and please keep the two heavy metal chairs on the large carpet at all times and the small metal bench on the small carpet. The chairs, benches or stools should not be placed on the wood flooring. ALIVE @ FIVE will collectively organize attendance to various events outside the classroom. These will include summertime picnics, art gallery openings, museum exhibits, concerts, day and overnight trips outside of Kiev to places of interest, games, parties, etc. Another function of ALIVE @ FIVE is to offer its collective or individual services to its participants at no cost----for example, if someone is moving from one flat to another and has no means for moving their personal belongings, wouldn’t it be helpful if twenty able-bodied people arrived, willing to carry a bag in each hand, hop on the metro or bus and deliver it to that person’s new apartment??? ALIVE @ FIVE will also offer a free lending library of English books for your reading pleasure (a deposit fee is required to assure the safe return of books in their proper condition).

Previously, all classes here have been at no cost. The group has collectively agreed that all in attendance should make a financial contribution---a sliding scale of 15-25 griven is suggested. Place your donations in the red box under the candle near the stairs. If you are staying for the potluck please bring a dish of food to share with 3-4 others. Avoid bringing sweets, as this meal serves as everyone’s evening meal and should consist of “real” food. In lieu of food, you can make a monetary contribution toward the meal just as you would if you were eating at home. As well, the after class social conversations tend to be very interesting. The minimum class time is 2 hours and with the potluck and ensuing discussion can go an additional 1-3 hours. Whatever your contribution toward the class, you will likely receive far more than in any other normal conversation class. Your suggestions are eagerly accepted. Be prompt; consistent tardiness is disrespectful, inconsiderate and rude. The moderator will act accordingly with dominating personalities.


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